Programme changes

Last update 17 September
id# Last Name First Name Title
Poster P1.147 moved to Oral O1C.5 Silvonen Lauri Structural analysis of the modified manufacturing design of the ITER vacuum vessel
P4.144 moved to posterboard # P1.132 Maviglia Fabio Thermal-hydraulic analysis for first wall and vacuum vessel thermal shield of Divertor Tokamak Test facility
P1.069 moved to posterboard # P4.066 Raj Prasoon Evaluation of the spectrum unfolding methodology for the neutron activation system of a fusion device
 id# Last Name First Name Title
O1C.5   Ha Jisun Structural analysis of the modified manufacturing design of the ITER vacuum vessel
P1.015   Kisaki Masashi DD neutron measurement in NBIs on the LHD
P1.054   Jardin Axel Deep learning based SXR tomography investigations with real-time impurity control perspectives
P1.097   He Shiying Design of real-time control in Poloidal Field Power Supply Based on FSM
P1.100   WeiBin Li The power supply for toroidal field magnet system on HL-2M
P1.123   weiyun Zhou Research on plasma parameters of high density steady state linear plasma with ECR source
P1.132   Du Liang P1.132
P1.145   Pompa Edoardo First Wall #6 mechanical assessment using the F4E Load Transfer Procedure for electromagnetic loads distribution
P1.158   Hernández Teresa Protective action of different coatings for the HCPB concept
P1.183   Schlindwein Georg Startup campaign of the Q-PETE hydrogen permeation experiment
P1.194   Pruneri Giuseppe Linear IFMIF Prototype Accelerator (LIPAc) Maintenance and Events Report Strategy
P1.195   Tracz Grzegorz Dose maps in/around target  and test cell facility for IFMIF-DONES
P1.199   Xia Xiaowei Effect of Beam Oscillation on Microstructure Difference Properties of 316L Thickness Electron Beam Welds
P1.213   Zmitko Milan Current achievements and future perspectives in the European ITER Test Blanket Modules fabrication technologies development
P1.222   Gonfiotti Bruno Analysis of the Ingress Of Coolant Event tests performed in the upgraded ICE facility aimed at ECART code validation
P2.017   Maquet Vincent Study of ohmic losses in a Travelling Wave Array with application to WEST and DEMO
P2.032   Bonotto Matteo An improved strategy to the study of RWMs with 3D conductors and kinetic effects
P2.059   Hu Liqun Progress on Design and R&D of ITER Radial X-ray Camera
P2.094   Peluso BERTRAND Magnet Infrastructure Facilities for ITER (MIFI) main progress including magnet displacement sensors acceptance tests
P2.118   Xiaoqiu Ye On-line measurement and removal of hydrogen isotopes in the plasma-facing material of tungsten
P2.127   Liu Peng Study on creep fatigue of heat sink in divertor target for CFETR
P2.133   Kim HYUN-SOO Manufacturing Design Finalization of the ITER Vacuum Vessel - Neutral Beam Port
P2.156   Muvvala VENKATA NAGARAJU Electro-mechanical design and verification of Grid post insulators for 8 driver RF Ion source
P2.162   Cheng Xiaoman Steady state and LOFA analysis under different fusion power levels for the updated WCCB blanket for CFETR
P2.175   Shimwell Jonathan Use of cloud computing to perform breeder blanket parameter studies
P2.177   Shi Xueming Preliminary Neutronics Research on Hybrid Blanket Concept to Achieve Tritium Self-sufficiency and Energy Multiplication
P2.181   R. Urgorri Fernando 3-dimensional tritium transport analyses in poloidal PbLi flows for the EU-DCLL
P2.183   Garcinuño Belit Hydrogen isotopes injection into lead-lithium by means of a system based on permeation
P2.188   Shen Yaosong Study on high tritium breeding ratio blanket in fusion-fission reactors
P2.201   Chen Jiming Characterizing the Be/CuCrZr HIP Joint for ITER First Wall
P2.214   Zhai Yutao Effect of hot isostatic pressing and heat treatment on mechanical properties of CLAM steel produced by selective laser melting
P2.215   Jiang Man Fabrication and characterization of graphene/Er2O3 nanocomposite coating as tritium permeation barrier of Fusion Reactor
P2.217   Naish Jonathan Pre-analysis of a Water Activation Experiment at JET during DT operations.
P2.220   Barucca Luciana EU DEMO Heat Transport and Power Conversion System design: options and status
P2.226   Eade Tim Application of ActiFlow for activation and decay heat analysis of circulating lithium-lead in DEMO breeder blankets
P2.227   Rantakaulio Antti Requirements management in licensing of fusion related facilities
P3.004   Kwak Jong-Gu Off-axis current drive capabilities of KSTAR for steady state operation
P3.009   Luo Zhengping Fast scenario design for EAST alternative magnetic diverted discharge
P3.023   Otin Ruben ICRH antenna modelling with the open-source finite element tool ERMES
P3.037   Kleijwegt Kornee Real-time sawtooth crash detector for ASDEX Upgrade
P3.041   Liu Lei H∞  controller design for EAST plasma shape control based on rigid plasma model
P3.064   Son SooHyun Quartz crystal microbalance measurements on KSTAR during ELM suppression/mitigation
P3.071 Balboa Itziar Viewing systems compatible with JET operation in deuterium-tritium
P3.079   Queral Vicente Study of the design and manufacturing of multiple concentric stellarator windings
P3.085   Tong Wei Conceptual design of pulsed inductor in quench protection system for CFETR superconducting magnets
P3.086   Li Junjun Thermal-hydraulic analysis of high temperature superconducting magnets in CFETR
P3.089   Wang Zhongma Design and analysis of the high power dc water-cooled busbar connecting type
P3.098   Wang Xianwei Mechanical performance study of the preload structure for CFETR central solenoid model coil
P3.120   Minissale Marco Laser Induced Desorption: a new technique to evaluate and to control the fusion fuel content of tungsten tiles of tokamaks
P3.123   Lian Youyun Manufacturing of full-scale plasma facing components of HL-2M divertor
P3.126   Crescenzi Fabio The R&D status of ITER-like divertor target for DEMO
P3.154   Yan Sheng Visual servo simulation of CFETR multi-purpose maintenance deployer
P3.185   Takeishi Toshiharu Design of the measurement apparatus for the tritium release rate from nuclear fusion materials
P3.187   Brad Sebastian Matrix heat exchanger for cryogenic distillation of hydrogen isotopes
P3.201   Hamaguchi Dai Application of friction stir processing on CuCrZr for the improvement of material’s property
P3.219   Garcia Mauricio Advanced methodology for activation of flowing PbLi in DEMO fusion reactor: application to maintenance of DCLL loops
P3.223   Fonnesu Nicola Shutdown dose rate studies for the TT and DTE2 campaigns at JET
P3.230   Valentine Alex Scoping analysis of ITER NBI duct shielding
P3.236   Katayama Kazunari Analysis of tritium release behavior by heating from natural soils immersed in tritiated water
P3.237   Pedroche Gabriel ITER radiation maps for electronic equipment allocation
P4.010   Bosch Hans-Stephan Bosch Increasing the integrated power input in W7-X
P4.026   wang shouzhi Optimization of pre-ionization by electron cyclotron waves in SUNIST
P4.038   Galperti Cristian Upgrades of the TCV digital control system for enhanced experimental flexibility and integrated control
P4.045   Lee Taegu Real-time processing the MSE data with GPGPU in KSTAR
P4.051   shen biao Fiber optical current sensor(FOCS) for plasma current on EAST tokamak
P4.053   Novokshenov Aleksei Challenges in research and simulation based development of High Field Side Reflectometry components.
P4.055   De Pablos Jose Luis Dual Heavy Ion Beam Probing in the TJ-II stellarator
P4.058   Binbin Wang Soft x-ray pulse height analysis array on SUNIST spherical tokamak
P4.062   Ayllon-Guerola Juan Thermomechanical assessment of the probe heads heat shielding for the FILDs spatial array of the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak
P4.066   Nemov Alexander Multivariant electromagnetic simulations for High Field Side Reflectometry
P4.068   maddaluno giorgio Thermography of the FTU toroidal limiter during disruptions
P4.074   Chmyga Oleksandr A Dual Heavy Ion Beam Probing Diagnostic on the TJ-II Stellarator and New Control System for Probing Beam
P4.104   Matsuda Yuki In-situ measurement of tungsten surfaces exposed to pulsed high heat flux for simulation of divertor in tokamak fusion reactors
P4.113   Hamaguchi Kohei Simulation of phenomena at the surface of tungsten divertor loaded by high heat flux
P4.116   Loesser G Douglas Design and Alignment of the NSTX-U Plasma Facing Components
P4.122   Okita Takafumi Study on interaction between liquid metal flow and magnetic field in complex flow channel
P4.125   Nallo Giuseppe Francesco Modelling intrinsic impurity deposition on the I-DTT First Wall from a Liquid Metal divertor
P4.131   Iafrati Matteo Material studies for a liquid divertor
P4.138   Bhatt Kunal Structural analysis for strength and fatigue life of half coupling weldment for large cooling water pipes
P4.147   Agudo Victor Parametric adaptation of the Blanket Transporter to the evolving EU DEMO vessel configuration
P4.153   Määttä Timo Development of the Remote Handling Connectors for the Divertor Diagnostics in ITER machine
P4.192   Huang Kai Preliminary performance analysis of the water cooled breeder blanket for CFETR phase-I
P4.197   Lee Chang-Hoon Effect of Ti addition on microstructures and mechanical properties in 9Cr-1W RAFM steels
P4.199   Nakata Toshiya Evaluation of Deformation and Fracture Behavior of F82H Using Small Tensile Specimen
P4.202   Perelli Cippo Enrico On the use of lithium hydride as a neutron shielding material for gamma-ray dignostics of burning plasmas
P4.205   Spagnolo Marco FE analyses for the prediction of welding distortions in ITER TFCC
P4.207 Siska Filip Effect of different oxide particles on deformation mechanisms in 9Cr ODS alloys at high temperatures
P4.212   Stratil Ludek Assessment of Eurofer steel fabricated by additive manufacturing technology
P4.222   Lopez Revelles Antonio Jesus Impact of gaps tolerances in the shutdown dose rates in ITER diagnostics ports
P4.231   Burns Alexander Update of the evaluation of active products within DEMO cooling systems due to sputtering
P4.237   Rodriguez-Rodrigo Lina DONES licensing approach in Spain
P4.238   Pisent Andrea Challenges of high current RFQs development for fusion material test facilities